Purchasing a home is one of the best investment decisions an individual or family will make.

The home buying process can be daunting, especially for first time home buyers.

That is why we ensure we help educate our clients fully to understand their rights and responsibilities.

We pride ourselves off giving our homeowners the tools and confidence they need in order to make wise and calculated decisions.

First Premier Mortgage Corporation values commitment to quality, perseverance and business savvy by insuring that our clients always get the best, by keeping on track with corporate goals and by staying on top of the latest mortgage industry trends.


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  • Our loan officers offer a wide range of real estate financing solutions.
  • Our Mortgage officers specialize in fast approvals on all loan types.
  • We promise to provide you with the best possible loan terms.
  • Mortgage loans to those with serious credit problems (foreclosure, bankruptcy, judgements, liens and charge-offs).
  • FPMC Loan specialist search investors for the best available loan products and rates.
  • Available low rates for all credit grades and specialized loan solutions for unique credit situations.
  • Automated Underwriting for fast approval with limited documentation requirements on many A grade loans

We are a nationwide mortgage lender that originates every type of mortgage loan program in the market today


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