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        FFPMC Loan Programs

  • Purchase, Refinance and Equity Loans
  • No down payment -  100% financing
  • Low Rates Refinancing & Cash out
  • Conforming, Non-conforming Jumbo Loans
  • 1.95 %  COSI,  1.25 % MTA  Option Arm
  • 100% Financing Purchases & Refinances
  • High Qualifying Ratios,  DTI  above 50%
  • Single Family Homes, Multi-Unit
  • Alternative Documentation
  • No Income Verification
  • Stated Income Stated Asset
  • No FICO Score requirement


      Why Us?  (FPMC)
  • Our loan officers offer a wide range of real estate financing solutions.
  • Our Mortgage officers specialize in fast approvals on all loan types.
  • We promise to provide you with the best possible loan terms.
  • Mortgage loans to those with serious credit problems (foreclosure, bankruptcy, judgements, liens and charge-offs).
  • FPMC Loan specialist search investors for the best available loan products and rates.
  • Available low rates for all credit grades and specialized loan solutions for unique credit situations.
  • Automated Underwriting for fast approval with limited documentation requirements on many A grade loans
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